Our roll of honour exists as a permanent record of members no longer with us and serves a reminder to all current members of their achievements.

Russ Mantle1,010,946 miles
Chris Davies916,791 miles
Pat Kenny909,654 miles
Tommy Chambers799,405 miles
Les Lowe792,940 miles
Ken Collins768,137 miles
Bernard Blow731,449 miles
John Fisher700,643 miles
Ron E. Cook676,575 miles
George Hugill654,499 miles
Neville Chanin643,434 miles
Stan Wild618,562 miles
Eddie Pape608,418 miles
Frank Clark604,751 miles
Peter Mitchell570,231 miles
Eric Wade556,033 miles
Doug Brunwin551,147 miles
Bert Spencer548,911 miles
Harry A G Keates545,974 miles
Ivan Dix545,957 miles
A Edgington535,336 miles
Dave Free531,073 miles
Graham Wanless528,920 miles
Frank E Ford528,723 miles
Bob Hampton524,345 miles
Ron G H Deering522,223 miles
Frank E Fischer512,209 miles
Gary Ballands508,008 miles
Arthur Frost507,208 miles
Bert W George505,907 miles
Burt Clayton504,045 miles
Lionel Lea501,156 miles
Peter Lumb500,987 miles
Jack Southerden500,208 miles
Dave Pountney498,847 miles
George Clayton496,375 miles
Jack D Murdoch491,587 miles
Peter Mitton477,925 miles
Jock B Austin474,847 miles
Harry Robinson468,909 miles
Cyril Banks468,886 miles
Harry Field465,663 miles
John Perry465,599 miles
Eric R Wilkinson464,467 miles
Stan P V Bray463,772 miles
Ron Powney460,095 miles
Stan Dackombe456,842 miles
Norman Nicklin456,833 miles
Arthur Turner454,991 miles
Bill Pearson453,685 miles
Les Ray453,246 miles
Ted Potter453,079 miles
Stan H Chatfield452,092 miles
Brian Braybrooke442,739 miles
Frank Cubis440,284 miles
Gordon Dennis438,128 miles
Mick Holliday437,725 miles
Lawrie W Plummer436,501 miles
Ray H Douglass434,040 miles
John A Shuter434,032 miles
Doug Griffiths429,023 miles
Harold Wares427,138 miles
Richard Hulse425,259 miles
Peter Jackson421,945 miles
Robert Mason421,146 miles
Geoff Richmond418,984 miles
Alfred W S Burstow418,117 miles
Fred Cowling417,508 miles
Mike King414,753 miles
Robert Naris410,701 miles
Eddie L Saunders408,742 miles
Peter Coulson407,921 miles
Ray H Page407,160 miles
Doug Stringer403,802 miles
Ted J Coussens400,427 miles
Charlie F Digby399,800 miles
Bert E Houghton398,780 miles
John Weston398,274 miles
Harry Benson394,368 miles
Peter Knottley391,467 miles
Bill Suttie391,152 miles
John Elder388,024 miles
Ray Burnett387,490 miles
Ernest Gillard386,918 miles
F R Knott372,515 miles
Betty Dix372,180 miles
Bill Ratcliffe369,024 miles
L T Newport367,773 miles
Alan Scott366,481 miles
Brian Curle366,176 miles
Harry G Wilmott365,957 miles
Mike Sheppard364,641 miles
W P Cook362,468 miles
Bob Lowe361,901 miles
Billy McCormick360,484 miles
Reg G Longman359,826 miles
Geoff Dring350,610 miles
Walter E Briggs349,436 miles
Bing G Wilson346,008 miles
Arthur L Stubbs345,423 miles
Ena Murdoch345,419 miles
F G Thomas344,691 miles
T G Hall343,219 miles
Ron Rand342,965 miles
Ray Haswell340,549 miles
Dave Smith340,127 miles
A W Wilcockson339,703 miles
C Arthur Hopkin339,473 miles
Ivan Jeckell335,886 miles
John Reaney333,494 miles
Norman Gill327,789 miles
Brian Westlake323,849 miles
Ken Hoxley323,002 miles
Norman Findlater305,602 miles
Ron Mellor304,160 miles